Heart Blade Promos!

E-BOOK PROMO: Buy Heart Blade as an e-book for the special promotional price of 99c/99p. Amazon   PAPERBACK PROMO: The paperback should be up for sale on Amazon either Monday or Tuesday! For those interested in the paperback, I have a special something for you... The first 30 people to email proof of purchase of the... Continue Reading →

Heart Blade!

Finally, the cover I've been teasing you all with for months. I've been longing to share Merilliza Chan's gorgeous artwork, and here it is in all its glory. The official reveal took place on Sunday over at SFFWorld.com; check it out for an exclusive sneak peek excerpt. Heart Blade is now up on Goodreads, and... Continue Reading →

Love, Longswords, and Lightsabers

With Valentine’s Day approaching, and a serious need to distract myself from all the chocolate treats on sale, I started thinking about romance in science fiction and fantasy. I’m not talking paranormal romance, oh no, that would be too easy. I’m thinking about all the love stories that hide under action-packed tales, weaving their way... Continue Reading →

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