Writer Resolutions

It’s that time again, when I take a step back and look at what I’ve accomplished in the past twelve months, and think about what I want to get done in the brand new, sparkle-shiny upcoming year. Cliché as resolutions may be, I think having a certain time of year — be it the New... Continue Reading →

Horse Power: a writer’s guide

It's hard to avoid mentioning horses (or ponies, pack mules, etc.) if you write certain genres. These four-legged beauties are everywhere, leading the charge in a martial battle scene, galloping across the page in those sweeping epic fantasies, or slowing to a gentle walk to allow the romantic pair to gaze longingly into each other's eyes.... Continue Reading →

Easy as Pie

As I’m sure happens with all authors, I often get asked questions about my writing process. How long did it take you to write your book? How much editing work do you do? Who helps you revise? I thought I’d put together a rough recipe of how Heart Blade and Night Blade (Out soon in... Continue Reading →

Taboo Or Not To Taboo

A guest post by Jo Zebedee, author of Abendau's Heir, Sunset Over Abendau, Abendau's Legacy, Inish Carraig, and the brand new dark fantasy release, Waters and the Wild. When I started my first book - which eventually became Abendau's Heir - I had nothing more in mind than writing something that had been floating around my... Continue Reading →


Oh, hey! It’s another character naming post! (And here’s one I made earlier... *gestures like chef on cooking show*) This time, it’s about naming difficulties I ran into while working on Heart Blade. Changing a name after a first draft is done is always tricky. A new name can change a character in unexpected ways.... Continue Reading →

Write Now

Blog post title is a play on Van Halen’s ‘Right Now’. If you don’t know the song, go and look up the lyrics, and maybe watch the awesome award-winning video clip, too. On a writing forum I belong to, someone asked whether it was worthwhile paying to rent an office space away from home and... Continue Reading →


I was interviewed by the awesome Gwendolyn Kiste about Heart Blade and writing. Interviews are so much fun, and I had a blast answering this one. Check it out… And if you'd like to see other interviews, you can click here for my press page. Note: If you're a blogger or reviewer and are interested in... Continue Reading →

Heart Blade Promos!

E-BOOK PROMO: Buy Heart Blade as an e-book for the special promotional price of 99c/99p. Amazon   PAPERBACK PROMO: The paperback should be up for sale on Amazon either Monday or Tuesday! For those interested in the paperback, I have a special something for you... The first 30 people to email proof of purchase of the... Continue Reading →

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