By the Sword: a writer’s guide

After I'd written my first couple of drafts of Heart Blade, the first book in my Blade Hunt Chronicles series, I thought it would be cool to maybe watch some sword action in person. Luckily for me, I found out there's a school not far from home that teaches Historical European Martial Arts, with emphasis... Continue Reading →


I was interviewed by the awesome Gwendolyn Kiste about Heart Blade and writing. Interviews are so much fun, and I had a blast answering this one. Check it out… And if you'd like to see other interviews, you can click here for my press page. Note: If you're a blogger or reviewer and are interested in... Continue Reading →

Juliana on Keystroke Medium LIVE

  Yesterday I was a guest on Keystroke Medium's LIVE! interview show, with hosts Josh Hayes and Scott Moon. I had so much fun chatting with Josh and Scott about writing, Young Adult fiction, and longswords! Keystroke has lots of terrific author interviews, and it's well worth checking out their YouTube channel. If you'd like to have... Continue Reading →

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