Embrace the Night

It's release day for NIGHT BLADE! Happy book birthday to my second Blade Hunt Chronicles novel. NIGHT BLADE brings familiar characters you've met in HEART BLADE, as well as some new faces. Rose is up and center in this book, as she attempts to infiltrate a heist and steal a certain object of interest from... Continue Reading →

Character Intro: Meet Ben

It’s character intro week! I’ll be introducing some of my characters from NIGHT BLADE, Book 2 of the Blade Hunt Chronicles. The lovely artwork is by Corinna Marie and used with permission. BENJAMIN KELLEY Benjamin Kelley has been surviving on his own since he was thirteen, when his witch parents were executed for treason against... Continue Reading →

Release Day Fun

Yesterday was release day for Heart Blade! I'm thrilled that I can finally share the first Blade Hunt Chronicles book with everyone. Since I have friends and family members scattered around the world, I opted for an online launch party. I had a great time chatting about books, movies, weapon of choice, and – since... Continue Reading →

Heart Blade Release Day

Happy book birthday to Heart Blade! It's been a long and exciting journey to get here, and now I finally get to share the first of my Blade Hunt Chronicles series with everyone. For some book launch fun, take the Blade Hunt quiz and find out what sort of preternatural you are. Vampire? Witch? Or maybe... Continue Reading →

Heart Blade Promos!

E-BOOK PROMO: Buy Heart Blade as an e-book for the special promotional price of 99c/99p. Amazon   PAPERBACK PROMO: The paperback should be up for sale on Amazon either Monday or Tuesday! For those interested in the paperback, I have a special something for you... The first 30 people to email proof of purchase of the... Continue Reading →

Character Intro: Meet Alex

Thank you for following my character intro week! Over the past few days I’ve introduced some of my characters from Heart Blade, Book 1 of the Blade Hunt Chronicles. The gorgeous art work is by Corinna Marie and used with permission. Alexander of York Alexander of York, also known as Brother Alexander, is a monk and former knight of the Crusades. Yes, Alex... Continue Reading →

Character Intro: Meet Camille

It’s character intro week! Over the next few days I’ll be introducing some of my characters from Heart Blade, Book 1 of the Blade Hunt Chronicles. The gorgeous art work is by Corinna Marie and used with permission. Camille Darkwing Camille Darkwing is a French Canadian half-demon. Gifted a full demon's blood in 1932, the petite immortal teen is often... Continue Reading →

Journeys Anthology

I'm thrilled to have a short story in a brand new anthology by Woodbridge Press, to be released on February 15th. Fourteen fantasy road tales by a fabulous list of authors. And a stabby little story by yours truly, called 'Fool's Quest'. The collection has been edited by Teresa Edgerton, and should be a truly drool-worthy... Continue Reading →

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