Sometimes I interview people on my blog, and I used to write interviews for Here are the links, starting with the most recent.

Interviews for SFF World

February 2019: Tom Edwards

January 2019: James Worrad

February 2018: Dan Jones

November 2017: Anthologies with Andrew Leon Hudson, Joanne Hall, Nathan Hystad, and Nila E. White

November 2017: Gwendolyn Kiste

July 2017: Hillary Monahan

April 2017: Nik Abnett

January 2017: Bryan Wigmore

November 2016: Jodi McIsaac

October 2016: Peadar Ó Guilín

September 2016: James Dashner

August 2016: Regina Yau from The Pixel Project

On my blog

January 2022: Christy Yaros on Book Coaching

December 2021: Stephen Palmer and Conjuror Girl

December 2019: Stephen Palmer and Factory Girl

January 2019: C.T. Grey and Necromorphosis

September 2018: Bryan Wigmore and The Empyreus Proof

December 2017: Middle grade fiction — Katie Carroll, Stephanie Robinson, Jessica Haight

November 2017: A Writer’s Guide — Kerry Buchanan: Horse Power

September 2017: A Writer’s Guide — Christopher Valli: By The Sword

January 2017: Kim Briggs and the Starr Fall series

April 2016: Jo Zebedee and the journey to publication of Sunset Over Abendau

June 2016: Spotlight on Urban Fantasy with Pippa DaCosta

May 2016: Spotlight on Writing YA with Carrie Firestone and Cindy Rodriguez

April 2016: Spotlight on SFF Forums with Brian Turner and Damaris Browne

March 2016: Spotlight on Writing Horror with Gwendolyn Kiste and Scarlett R. Algee

February 2016: Spotlight on Making Time to Write with Anne Lyle and Elspeth Cooper

January 2016: Spotlight on SFF Gatherings with Alex Davis, Joanne Hall, and Steven Poore

December 2015: Spotlight on Mythology in Fantasy with Snorri Kristjansson and Kerry Buchanan

November 2015: Spotlight on SFF Editing with Teresa Edgerton and Richard Shealy

October 2015: Spotlight on Cover Art with Aty S. Behsam and Gary Compton

September 2015: Spotlight on Imagining the Future with Ralph Kern and Stephen Palmer

August 2015: Spotlight on Small Press Publishing with Gary Compton

July 2015: Spotlight on Writing Local Flavor with Jo Zebedee and Anna Dickinson

June 2015: Spotlight on Speculative Romance with Emma Jane and Jo Marryat

May 2015: Spotlight on Short Story Writing with Nathan Hystad

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