Night Blade

Night Blade: Blade Hunt Chronicles, Book 2

Release date: November 6, 2017

Publisher: Woodbridge Press, Canada

ISBN-10: 1979135053

Cover art by Tom Edwards

The vampire smiled at Raze. “How do you feel about a little undercover work?”

“Undercover work? What kind?”

“The dangerous kind. The sort of work that should suit Raze perfectly, since you’re so determined to leave Rose behind,” he said. “A challenge. You’re infiltrating a heist. I think you’ll make an excellent cat burglar.”

In the aftermath of the Heart Blade’s return, Del and Rose have different roads to follow. One leads forward, the other to the distant past. Rose is on a mission to infiltrate and double-cross the ultimate heist, and retrieve a game-changing prize. Meanwhile, as the Court of the Covenant prepares to meet, Del has a quest of her own. She must untangle her lost identity or risk her entire future.

With the Blade Hunt prophecy in motion, darkness threatens to rise, and a new sword emerges from the shadows.



“This is the second of Mills’ YA trilogy and, like the first, it delivers on strong characterisation and themes that satisfy within the YA market. An original-feeling world is met with believable characters and the book knocks along at a nice pace.” – Jo Zebedee, author of Inish Carraig and the Inheritance Trilogy

“If you love urban fantasy with drama, action, romance and fun mythology, then the Blade Hunt Chronicles is definitely for you!” – Marguerite Gibson, book blogger

“Night Blade was sharp, polished, and full of power and magic.” – Carrie Firestone, author of The Unlikelies and The Loose Ends List


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