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Fit For The Gods (Vintage/Knopf; August 2023)

Short Stories


Pescada, upcoming in Fit for the Gods (Vintage/Knopf, 2023)

More info here; cover reveal and preorder info here.

Moon Under Mangroves, in the Colorado Book Award-winning anthology Shadow Atlas: Dark Lansdscapes of the Americas (Hex, 2021)

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble; purchase info here.

The Sugar Cane Sea, in the Bram Stoker Award-nominated anthology Not All Monsters (Strangehouse Books/Rooster Republic Press, 2020)

Available on Amazon and special edition at Rooster Republic Press.

A Cold Night in H3-II, in DISTAFF, an anthology nominated to several awards by the BSFA (collective publication by members of SFFChronicles forum, 2019)

Available on Amazon. Find more information on our website.

King Swan, in Gorgon: Stories of Emergence (Pantheon Magazine, 2019)

Available on Amazon.

Blood Makes Noise, in The Last City (DUST, February 2018)

Available on Amazon.

Fool’s Quest, in Journeys (Woodbridge Press, February 2017)

In Plain Sight, in Aliens – The Truth Is Coming (Tickety Boo Press, November 2016)


The End of all Things (Kraxon Magazine, April 2021) Voted Kraxon’s Story of the Year 2021

Dawn Chorus (Kraxon Magazine, March 2018)

Ripped Away (Kraxon Magazine, July 2015) Voted Kraxon’s Story of the Year 2015

The Moon and her Maiden (Kraxon Magazine, February 2015)


Blade Hunt Chronicles, books 1 and 2 (Woodbridge Press 2017)

Out of print; more information on Blade Hunt Chronicles tab.

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