When can I read the end of the Blade Hunt Chronicles saga?

Honestly? I’m not sure. The last book of the trilogy is on hold — outlined and waiting, but on hold for now. Why? Well, I didn’t have a publishing contract for Book 3 (a common issue with series, unfortunately), so I’ve been focussing on writing all-new work instead. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to go back and finish off the Blade Hunt saga!

Why not self-publish the last book?

While self-publishing can be a great option, and I know many fantastic indie or hybrid authors, it’s not a path I want to go down right now, as I don’t have the time, energy, or money to invest to make it worthwhile. I won’t rule out one day self-publishing the entire Blade Hunt Chronicles trilogy, but it won’t happen any time soon. Sorry!

Where did you get your website header art?

I fell in love with Olivia Guidotti’s quirky art on Instagram, and hired her to design my header. She handles a range of projects; check out her IG page! @bolitti_

Where do you get your blog photos?

Apart from book covers and the occasional GIF, all of the photos on my website are my own (unless otherwise credited). Can you use them on your own blog? Sure, but it’s always nice if you credit my name as the photographer.

Will you interview me/review my book?

This isn’t really that sort of blog. In my posts, I mostly babble on about writing. Yes, I do occasionally throw up an interview or a quick review, but I’m not open for requests. Sorry! There are lots of other truly wonderful blogs that specialize in that sort of thing. You should definitely check them out!

Can I interview you/review your books? How about a guest post for my blog?

A resounding YES PLEASE. As for guest posts, I’m always happy to consider them. Let’s talk! You can email me at contact [dot] jspinkmills [@] gmail [dot] com or use the website form.

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