Gemini Cell by Myke Cole

(A long overdue review, also known as ‘Hey, the year ain’t over yet!’…)

I’ve been a fan of Myke Cole‘s military fantasy from the first page of his first Shadow Ops novel, Control Point, so when I heard a ‘prequel’ novel was on its way I was understandably excited. The only reason I didn’t brave a blizzard to walk to the bookstore on release day was that I didn’t think anyone would be there to sell me a copy!

Set in the early days of the Great Reawakening, which readers of Cole’s work will already be familiar with, Gemini Cell tells the story of US Navy SEAL Jim Schweitzer, a highly-trained professional who turns himself and his family into unexpected targets after complications arise on a mission.

But while Jim’s life seems to fall apart when enemies come knocking, his story is only getting started. Raised from the dead by a military sorcerer and set to work within the top-secret Gemini Cell, Jim finds himself searching for unpleasant truths while wrestling the literal inner demon that keeps him alive.

Gemini Cell has all the trademark heart-thumping, high-adrenaline action we can expect from a Myke Cole novel. But it goes beyond a fast-paced and exciting plot; at heart, Gemini Cell is a love story. Love moves the characters, pushing them to survival, and love gives Jim the power to resist the strange new forces that call him back into existence. Love is the ultimate motivator, and it’s the light that shines in the bleakest moments of this thrilling tale.

I’m looking forward to reading more of Jim Schweitzer’s story in the sequel, Javelin Rain, which comes out in March 2016. And hopefully this time I won’t find a blizzard in my way.



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